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Matterz Interview: Illusion

Hi Illusion! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. How are you today?

 I'm well, thank you.

You’re a triple threat in the music industry, you write, produce and rap. Which of
these skills was the hardest for you to master and why?

 It's hard to say because all the skills mentioned are progressive. So far I'm very concentrated on writing songs so if i had to pick one l would pick writing.

Do you favour one over the other two or do you like them equally?

 I would say the production aspect ties a project together. So I favour that over the other two because it's the one of the three skills that forces me to listen to the music from a different perspective and make adjustments where they are needed.

You also supported Sneakbo whilst he was on tour. How was that experienced for you, was it what you expected touring to be like?

Performing is the part where you finally get the chance to share what you've been creating. Being anywhere where there are individuals who have more experience it's always a good idea to pay attention and learn. Just watching how he performs and the energy taught me a lot and surpassed my expectations.

What things did you learn from that experience that your grateful for?

Mostly it was how he took control of the room and changed the energy It was a great experience.

You also performed on BBC Introducing, how was that experience for you?

 Anything to do with huge platforms like that I'm always great-full. Just like any other time I'm on stage I just let go and have fun and try and give people he best presentation I can give.

You used to listen to soul, funk and rhythm & blues do you find it easy to incorporate these elements in hip-hop?

 For me, because i've listened to all of these genres since i was younger I tend to find that they are not that different. The only thing that changes is the how the instrumentals are built. Overall it gives me the same feeling.

Can we expect an album release soon?
I'm releasing a project in the later stages of this year called R.O.M.E with a few songs and then after I'll see what comes after. 

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