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The Ironweed Project - Interview

Hello Aniff/Ironweed Project, thank you for your time. How are you?
I'm really good thanks we too busy and trying to do too many things at once but wouldn't have it any other way. 

Your new single “The Blues is Alive” is out, off the album named after it. Are you excited about sharing this with the world?
Yeah it's taken quite a while to pull this album together having so many ideas then trying to narrow them down then to finish the songs with so much stuff going on the world as to what the songs would say and how people react to them and also to make the songs challenging as opposed to just doing more of the kind of standard blues thing which is what the ironweed project is about. So I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and hope people like it. 

How would you describe the track?
In my head it's A hybrid of hip-hop and trap blues when I think of acts like Migos or  2 chains it's that vibe that makes your shoulders just shrugged and your head leaning your fingers come up and you just feel like ooooh. It's laced with that kind of deep south sentiment and twisted observations. With those double entendres hidden away. 

In what ways do you believe the song, and the album at large, differs from your previous records? Is the vibe still the same, what should we expect?
Each album I make I really do try and challenge my fans as to what their perception of the blues is so I'll try and push boundaries as to what they think they like what they know they liked what they actually think hey this is okay and I will settle for Havis is okay all day I would love to think that a grandfather and a young child could sit and singalong to my album that would please me immensely the grandfather saying this sounds like Howling Wolf and the young kid saying it sounds like Trinidad James 

You have started your project back in 2003. How do you think you have evolved as a person and an artist since then?
In true in 2003 I thought there was no one doing anything like I was doing now to see the space occupied by likes of Seasick Steve Rag'n'Bone Man and into some elements I hear even Anderson Paak Kendrick Lamar of using the tone now is in the richness of the culture awareness and diversity that of the blues can bring in their music and two as I said even trap emcees as well so I feel it's it's great place to be in and l can show l was an early pioneer panning for nuggets in this area.

Does this reflect in your work?
Yes I guess it does in that I keep trying to look for some venue and interesting that would challenge me and also challenge the listeners of the things I do

Finally, where should we head to in order to listen to your newly released song?
Head to Spotify on my Facebook page really crazy busy with lots of things I'm doing at the moment hopefully can have some remixes out quite soon and already thinking about fourth album I think by time I get to the fifth or sixth album I'll be ready for a mercury nomination which will be so pleased about. 

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