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V.C.D. - Shelling Season

Have a Listen to V.C.D. HERE!

Who is V.C.D.? The name might be unfamiliar with you now, but that's gonna soon change.
Vandross Cox Durrant (real name) was just a fan of grime like most young males of his age, he went to raves, watched Channel U back in the day, bought mixtapes and albums , listen and recited the words of his favourite tunes, and thought nothing of it.

February 2016, V.C.D. went to Eskimo Dance @ O2 Academy Bristol in the front row, reciting and rapping along the words to the songs that were playing , somehow Wiley sees V.C.D. and starts tapping Jammer and points at V.C.D. next thing you know the promoter comes down to V.C.D. and asks if he's knows all the words? to which V.C..D replies "Yes", next thing he's up on stage shelling it down, after he came offstage Wiley spoke to V.C.D. and told him that he got talent.

Chip wanted to know who's the don spraying my bars? everyone points to V.C.D. which resulted with him going back and forth lyrically with Chip on stage, smashes it, they went their separate ways, he thought nothing of it.

Fast forward to bank holiday May 2016, Stormzy is due to perform at Love Saves The Day Festival in Bristol that weekend, somehow footage of V.C.D. gets uploaded to Twitter of V.C.D. performing Stormzy's lyrics with Chip of their song "Hear Dis" to which Stormzy tweets "Are you gonna be at LSTD? come to the front" to which V.C.D. replies "Say No More" to which everyone on V.C.D's Twitter goes nuts. In front of 17,000 people V.C.D. gets invited onstage with Stormzy to perform "Hear Dis" and smashes it with an energetic performance .

The photo for the front cover of the mixtape clearly shows this. Section Boys was filming the set, DJ Russke , Big Narstie, DJ Maximum, Saf One all showed interest. There's a saying "lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice" when they said that they didn't have V.C.D. in mind. V.C.D. also walked out for the legendary boxer Anthony Joshua when he came to Bristol earlier this year, Joshua told V.C.D. face to face "you got mad talent and charisma "

V.C.D. has been spending time honing his craft and stacking up on his tunes, "I wanna learn and be the best version of myself I can be" Bristol hip hop veteran K*ners came and scooped up V.C.D. and signed him to his K-Star production company, with Lekan Latinwo of Intricate Management, and now things are on track to bright future for the career of V.C.D. ,think nothing of it.

Twitter @vcdmc
Instagram: @vcdmc 

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