Matterz Interview: Predz UK

Predz UK is a multi-talented artist, DJ and songwriter. Now, he is back with his new single "Kata Dance'', a song with a unique sound, vibe and dedicated to his Congolese roots. So, it was about time to learn more about him and he has some great things to share with you.

1) Hi Predz UK. How have you been? 

Hope you guys are well, I’m fine thank you. I’ve just been just working hard as usual, grinding and  keeping my head down.

2) You are considered as one of the hardest working independent artists in music today. Could you describe a typical day of you? What do you do? How do you prioritise all the things that you have to get done during the day?

Okay, so a typical day in the life of Predz UK, I always wake up around 7am unless I’ve had a really heavy night lol, I check from my emails as always, try to connect of people,  music is not a 9-to-5. It's 24/7. I check my social media when I get a minute too. I like to work out as well, so I’ll get the gym stuff out of the way, afternoons normally consist of meetings, I run a couple sessions in the week for young offenders as well as mentoring and guiding them. I’ve got family life as well got a very big family! I’ve got quite a few friends that I always connect with as well, you know what I like to live my life as well and then in the evening. Certain times, I am in the studio, I’ll be connecting with my producers and then nightlife certain nights. I am booked DJ or maybe doing some PAs, it depends. It’s all good though, I am grateful. 

3) Your new single ‘Kata Dance’ is dedicated to your Congolese origins. What were you thinking when you wrote this song? It could be great to let us know about your inspirations, memories and your expectations with the specific song.

I’ve always wanted to represent my culture from young and my family always used to play Congolese music in the household, especially Congolese gospel music and the older I got, the more research I started to do and get in touch with my heritage. My auntie and my mum always said they couldn’t really understand my music. They always used to tell me speak in our language ‘Lingala, so they can send it back home and show it to the family in Congo. It was just a matter of time and to be honest, I’m not the one to force the process of making music. I was in the studio with Yung Reggie who is the producer of the track and this was the vibe we went for, I told him to add a few instruments and he did his magic. I started speaking in my language and the rest is history.

Listen to "Kata Dance" Here

4) Could you share with us your inspirations when you are on studio and write your songs? Do you have some specific topics that you like the most?

Right now, I’m working really close with my team of producers consisted of Yung Reggie, Jordan Bikila, and Young Soul. We don’t pacifically talk about one topic. I’ve always said, music is a platform for me to express how I feel and just like anybody else, we go through different emotions in different days. I really like the feeling of uplifting people and bringing joy into peoples lives so I like to make people dance but I’ve also got certain tunes that are deep that people can reflect to and I might make something for the ladies. I like to go to the studio with an open mind. Sometimes, I say to the lads, let’s make something around a certain topic but yeah I’m always open minded. Once I’ve recorded a track, I then send it to my boy Mr Menni who is my business partner, he would mix and master the track, then I get feedback from my guy Paddy Stani who looks after me and yeah we’ve just got so much music stacked and piled and we can’t wait for you guys to hear everything.

5) A week ago, you released the official video for ‘Kata Dance’. Tell us about the concept of the clip, what happened backstage, some funny moments and whatever you think would be good for us to know.

Firstly, I need to big up Jax Luther who was the brain behind the masterpiece. This video was something different, I’ve never done anything like this before. In my previous videos, I am always in my comfort zone being cool with the man Dem might have a few girls but for this project Jax Luther had a vision of a fun, bright  and colourful video. The way I was styled was very different to the clothes I would normally wear and what was also funny is that Kata dance is a dance anthem and I’m not a really big fan of dancing but luckily we managed to get some great dances. A big thank you to Marika Godwin for recommending the dancers. Behind-the-scenes was Mad, definitely one of the biggest videos I’ve ever filmed in my life, I’ve never seen so much lights and people on set before. We had a big camera out, it was crazy and I’m happy that it's out and the world can now see me represent my Congolese heritage. 

6) You were a part of the popular ‘Secret Service Crew’. How did you decide to go solo? Did you see any differences between then and now?

Wow, you guys are taking me back to 'Secret Service Crew'. For me, it was a stepping stone. At that time, the scene was very different to how it is now. YouTube did not exist, people used to listen to cassettes/cds, we used to go on pirate radio stations to promote a song. We just had a little misunderstanding and this is the reason we parted ways. But since then, to be honest, a lot of things have happened and many of them have stopped doing music. However, I’m still in touch with everybody. I’m very grateful that I had this experience from a young teen age. I feel blessed to still be chasing the dream and love it like I started yesterday!

7) What do you expect from 2018?

More life, more greatness and to expand what we are doing already and believe me we are doing a lot.

8) Do you have any plans to go on tour or for an EP release?

Its early in the year. I’m not really thinking about any projects like that but you never know where things can go. So, we just wanna push hard.

9) Do you have a special message for your fans?

Thank you very much to everybody that has been supporting me. Without the support and your kind words, I really don’t know if I would still be doing music. This scene is really tough and my fans have always stuck by my side. I’m really blessed. Thank you.

10) Predz UK thank you very much for the interview.

It's been a pleasure. Thank you for having me.

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