Matterz Interview: Jaystar

The AKA/BBC/Link Up/GRM Daily supported global star Jaystar recently released his eagerly awaited new single and music video for 'Flexin with my Girl' . In 2017, Jaystar has taken the underground scene by storm with the release of his self-titled EP called “5th Lane”. 2018 is going to be massive and he has some really good news to share with you.

1) Hi Jaystar. How have you been?
Hi, I've been good thanks.
2) You started learning music at a very young age. I think you were around seven and your mother had lots of involvement in this. Would you have followed another career path without her?
When I was young all I ever wanted to do is play football, until I got discovered my musical talent thanks to my mum.

3) At the age of 15, you won an award for your song called ‘Need You Back’. Do you see any differences in the way that you write and produce songs between then and now? Let us know about your inspirations when you write a song.
Yes, definitely, as I'm older now, I got to find my sound and learn a lot from life. So, the way I write is different because I see life from a different perspective now.

4) I read somewhere the story behind your new single ‘Flexin With My Girl’ and it was really fun. Could you share with us some of your very interesting thoughts when you are in love and how was the whole process when you were writing your song in the studio?
The recording and writing process was quite simple, I was inspired and kind of visualised how I wanted the song to be. I hadn’t written the song when I went in to the studio, so I had to picture myself somewhere on the mountains, drinking expensive champagne (even though I don’t drink) that’s where the vibe came from.

5) Your official music video for ‘Flexin With My Girl’ is on the same concept. Do you have any funny moment from behind the scenes to tell us?
The filming process of this video was really exciting, the director ‘Chas Appeti’ had the vision I had in the sense of showing a sort of lavish lifestyle but at the same time keeping it classy, so it was really easy but creative to get the shots we wanted.

6) Through the years, you have supported worldwide superstars such as T Pain and you were the headliner of significant events across Africa with more than 10000 people. Tell us about your experiences.
It was a really nice experience but at the same time I was so nervous because I had never performed with that huge amount of crowd before, however I enjoyed it once I was on stage.

7) What is coming next? Any plans for a tour, new single or new EP?
I have a lot in store for this year. I'm working on a few featurings, I have 2 EP's nearly ready for release and I will be doing a lot of shows too.

8) Do you have a special message for your fans?
I'd like to thank my fans for not only supporting me but also being a part of my journey, I have a few surprises to announce when the time is right.

9) Jaystar thanks very much for the interview.
The pleasure was mine. Thank you guys.

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